Panorama  Hotell & Resort gives you much more than just an ordinary conference, away from the big city's noise.  We create the the best opportunies for communication and integrationgir by unique designed  and topp equipped meeting rooms with capacity from 5 to 1200 people. 


Spacious and ellegant hall with beautiful sea view. Great facilities such as stage, lectern and own roof terrace. Sound and light facilities are both suitable for conferences,  weddings and birthday feasts,  even some conserts.


Size: 316 m2

Class room setup: 120 people
Cinema setup: 250 people
Horseshoe table setup: 50 people



Modern and top-equipped meeting room with large floor-to-ceiling windows and stunning ocean view. This meeting room has a permanent meeting table and seats for up to 12 people. This room is suitable for executive leader meetings.

 Size: 26 m2


Flexible meeting room with inspiring design, combination of modern style and elements, taken from the local surroundings. Thos hall is equipped with a smartboard (Digital whiteboard).

Size: 40 m2

Class room setup: 20 people
Cinema setup: 25 people
Horseshoe table setup: 22 people




The meeting room called 'Oversikt' is a flexible  room which can be divided into 3 parts with folding walls if necessary.

There is a large lobby outside of the room with sofa groups and water\coffee station. This area is perfect for professional discussions during the breaks of an inspiring meeting.

Size: 112 m2

Class room setup: 50 people
Cinema setup: 70 people
Horseshoe table setup: 35 people



The hotel has 5  group rooms located on the 3rd floor (the same floor as the' Oversikt'-meeting room) All our group rooms are new from 2016 and well ventilatedThe size of the rooms ifrom 15 to 40 m2. All rooms have projector or TV screen.







We have 4 semi-open group rooms in the restaurant area. These works great for group work or discussions with your colleagues. 


Capacity: from 6 to 15 people